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Nissan Cima History

Nissan Cima 

nissan cima 
Nissan Cima

The Nissan Cima is a large, luxury sedan produced by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. for the Japanese market.

FY31 : January 1988 - August 1991

Up until 1989, the Japanese tax bracket dictated a division point at the car being 4700mm long, 1700mm wide, with a 2 liter engine. Both the Nissan Cedric/Nissan Gloria and its archrival, the Toyota Crown were stretched to this very limit. When rumors came that Toyota was developing a larger, wider extension of the Crown, Nissan acted hastily and could not get the wide version ready for the narrow version's launch in June 1987. The half-year gap in development, however, brought about many changes in design.

The FY31 Cima is available with a 200 horsepower (149 kW) VG30DE or a 255 horsepower (190 kW) turbocharged VG30DET. The turbocharged version was especially popular, leading the media to coin the term "the Cima phenomenon".

FY32 : August 1991 - June 1996

Following the Y32 Cedric/Gloria's June 1991 launch, the Cima was redesigned and introduced in August 1991. The car is now simply known as the Cima. The styling is more luxury-oriented with Jaguar overtones, noticeably different from the sporty first-generation Cima.

Initially the Cima was only available with the VH41DE, a short-stroke version of the VH45DE found in the first Infiniti Q45.

FY33 : June 1996 - January 2001

Unlike the previous, Japan-only models, this third-generation Cima was sold overseas as the new Infiniti Q45. However, instead of the VH45DE engine, Nissan chose to continue using the VH41DE.

F50 : January 2001-

The fourth-generation Cima arrived in January 2001. The timing is early in the Nissan Revival Plan, so the Cima did not have the Skyline's FM platform. Instead, it features an updated version of the old platform, with a new rear suspension. However, Nissan's new design identity was thoroughly worked into both the exterior and interior. This Cima became known for its unique 7-reflector headlights.

The new VK45DD direct-injection V8 features in the Japanese Cima, alongside the VQ30DET, both producing 280 horsepower (209 kW). The V8 in the Infiniti version produces 340 horsepower (254 kW).

Nissan Cima
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